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Lunchtime Fitness Class

Fitness classes take place every Friday lunchtime starting at 12.30 and lasting for an hour in Room LG1, Great Minster House (except for holiday periods and very occasionally when the room is required for departmental business). If you don't have access to GMH then please let us know and will arrange for you to get into the building.


The classes involve a short warm up followed by stretching exercises and then a series of circuit training exercises. The classes conclude with further stretching exercises.

The circuit training exercises are vigorous but there is no pressure to complete them all. The whole emphasis is building each person’s personal fitness week by week.


Comfortable shorts/leggings and T-shirt


Changing and showers facilities are available in the basement. All equipment for the class is provided


There is no charge for the classes all you will need to bring is your enthusiasm.


Jason Marchant, Great Britain Athletics Team Coach

Any other information I should know?

If you are new to the class, please introduce yourself to the instructor. It’s a good idea to mention to him any health issues which might affect you in class (e.g. high blood pressure, sports injuries).

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