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SPARTA has two running clubs one in Leeds and one in London.

London Club

The London club is run by James Nichols and Nilesh Tailor, both experienced runners.

This is an informal running club for anyone interested in lunchtime or after work runs. Over the years James and Nilesh have found that breaking up their working day with a run has done a lot to support both their physical and mental wellbeing, and it’s a great social activity as well.

How the club works

The aim of the running club is to build a running community for DfT and DLUHC to maximise the opportunities for lunchtime or after work runs. It will also publicise events that the DfT/DLUHC running community would be interested in.

Running Club Membership

There’s no formal requirement for you to sign up, if you’re interested then just let James and Nilesh know.

When does the club meet?

They typically head out for a run on a Monday lunchtime at about 12.15pm (work diaries permitting), however we’re looking to get other regular time slots. We appreciate that people have different days that they come into the office, so hopefully once we have enough interest, there will be opportunities to meet at times that work for everyone.

Leeds Club

The Leeds club is run by Jordan Clifford. Jordan is also an experienced runner.

Once again this an informal running club run along similar lines as the London Club for anyone interested in lunchtime or after work runs.


Jordan is looking forward to enjoying your company for a run sometime soon.

SPARTA Running


Nilesh Tailor, James Nichols and Jason Marchant at the CS10km

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