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Yoga Class for all Ages



Yoga Classes in Great Minster House

Yoga classes in GMH take place every Tuesday at 12:30 in LG1 or a similar room (except for holiday periods and very occasionally when the room is required for departmental business).


We practice the Iyengar method focusing on a variety of postures that gradually increase one’s range of movement and improve general health and wellbeing. They build strength and stamina and at the same time are mentally relaxing, making an excellent antidote to the stresses and strains of modern living.

Many of the exercises help us to loosen up stiff shoulders and backs and so are especially relevant to those of us who sit over a computer all day.

Each class usually starts with a number of standing poses with the emphasis on posture and balance.

Every class ends with a period of relaxation.


  • comfortable shorts/leggings and T-shirt

  • yoga is practised barefoot


  • changing facilities available in the basement

  • all equipment for the class is provided


£5 per session on a pay as you go basis


Stephen Richardson from the Iyengar Yoga Institute:

  • highly trained and specialises in remedial yoga

  • ensures poses are done safely and will tailor postures to suit the needs of individuals. Yoga is non-competitive and each person practises according to their ability and needs.

  • qualified to teach pregnant women

Any other information I should know?

As with swimming, it is advisable not to eat immediately before practising yoga, (ideally allow at least one hour).

If you are new to the class, please introduce yourself to the instructor. It’s a good idea to mention to him any health issues which might affect you in class (e.g. high blood pressure, sports injuries).

Colleagues from DLUHC are also very welcome to the GMH classes and should contact for more info.

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