Upcoming History Society Events

Tuesday 26 January at 1pm                                        Wednesday 10 February at 12.45pm                                      17 March at 12.45pm

The Bayeux Tapestry                                                   Britain’s War 1937 - 1947                                                         Life and legend of Sultan Saladin
Professor Michael Lewis                                             Professor Dan Todman                                                           Professor Jonathan Philips

British Museum will talk                                            Queen Mary University of London                                       Royal Holloway, University of London

about the mysteries of                                                will talk about his two

the Bayeux Tapestry                                                    books on Britain’s War.

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Below are some of the History Society's past Speakers 

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History Society

The SPARTA History Society is a successful Society which has welcomed a variety of leading historians it is unique within the Whitehall Government Departments. 

We are a general history society and we could only continue with the help of SPARTA.  We hold events that are open to all members of staff and attract high quality historians.

Which means that one month you could hear a talk about Ancient Rome and the following month about a historical figure.

We aim to give staff a break from the hurly burley of work, learning about the past can help with our day to day lives.


We are keen to maintain our varied programme of talks and trips.

The SPARTA History Society has a Mailing List for anyone who is interested in attending our events. Please contact Robert Baker if you would like your name added to the mailing list.


In the past few years these are some of the speakers who have visited us:

Sir Rodric Braithwaite

Dr Adam Smith

Dr Caroline Shenton

Dr Miranda Kaufmann

Dr Elizabeth Ashman Rowe

Peter Hart

Stephen Bourne

Lee Jackson

Ian Castle

Sarah Stockwell

Kathryn Ferry

William Philpott

Marc Morris

Dr Tom Wareham

Dr Rob Thompson

Professor Nigel Saul

Helen Rappaport

Dr Susannah Lipscomb

Dr Pam Cox

Dr Jennifer Altehenger

James Aitcheson

Tracy Borman

Alwyn Collinson

Rachel Holmes

Giles MacDonogh

Andrew McLean

Simon Bradley

Dr Marisa Linton

Professor Jonathan Harris

Professor David Stevenson