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SPARTA Sports and Wellbeing Day 2022

SPARTA are very happy to announce that the SPARTA 50th anniversary Sports and Wellbeing Day will take place on Friday 22nd July 2022.

We are planning a special SPARTA 50th anniversary Sports and Wellbeing Day this summer. We have booked the Kings House School Sports Ground in Chiswick for Friday 22nd July 2022, so please put the date in your diary.

This will be a great day to rebuild the social community across both Departments by bringing teams together for a day of healthy activities and to help improve the wellbeing of all staff and their families.

We will be holding all the usual sporting activities like football, softball, and netball along with all the fun events such as wanging the wellie, the sack race, and the egg and spoon race. We are planning a day of enjoyment that will bring happy memories to all.

Start putting your teams together and brushing off your sports gear.

I look forward to seeing you at Sports Day.

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