SPARTA Sport and Wellbeing Day 2022
22nd July 2022

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The athletics programme at Sport and Wellbeing day starts at 13.30.

Pre-entry is not required however you can pre-enter if you wish by clicking on the link below.

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The athletics events taking place are open to all sexes and are:






Long Jump

High Jump

Shot Putt

Discus Throw

The records for the athletics events at sports day date back some time now. They are:

Men                                            Women

H Sanders 10.9s 1983    100m     F Harding 12.5s 1986

R Lyston 22.2s 1978      200m      K Hayter 27.0s 1988

D Cropper 52.9s 1981   400m      M Cooke 63.1s 1993

R Middleton & P Kirbey 1.58.7 800m

                D Holt 4.01.02 1973  1500m

C Sutherland 6.64m 1972  Long Jump           T Swift 4.66m 1996

K Lyston 1.80m 1978           High Jump      E Ascough 1.35m 1979

W Robertson 12.19m 1973    Shot Putt         G Achille 12.52m 1986

T Lalley 40.65m 1985        Discus Throw    G Achille 32.66m 1987