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SPARTA Sport and Wellbeing Day 2024
2nd August 2024


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SPARTA always recommend travelling to Sport and Wellbeing Day using public transport and the normal preferred route is via train to Barnes Bridge Station.


On 2nd August 2024 the train service is unfortunately suspended due to planned engineering works. We have been working hard to ensure that you have a number of solutions available to you on the day.

Special bus service direct to the Sports Ground from Mortlake Station

SPARTA has negotiated with South West Railways the provision of a special bus service from Mortlake station direct to the Sports Ground.

This will run from Mortlake to the ground from 11am till 2pm and the return journey will start at


If you don’t want to use this service then here are the other routes available to you on the day

Travel between Barnes and Barnes Bridge Stations

Rail Replacement Bus Service

There will be a replacement bus service in operation between Barnes and Barnes Bridge during between 28th July and 2nd August inclusive.

The bus service should take around four minutes to cover the route between these two stations.


When you arrive at the road turn right


And head under the bridge


Once under the bridge you will see an entrance on the right that heads up towards the other Barnes Bridge platform 


Head up the stairs back towards the station


At the top of the stairs you have the choice to head to the station or turn right across the bridge. Head across the bridge


Enjoy the view as you head across the bridge


At the end of the bridge is another set of stairs. Head down these


And follow the alleyway that leads to a road


A sign on the fence guides you to the pedestrian pathway that heads into the sports ground. Head along the pathway


The pathway is a bit uneven so watch your footing


The pathway evens out when you arrive at the edge of the sports ground


At the end of the pathway you will emerge onto the car park and a sign will point you towards the clubhouse


The entrance to Sport and Wellbeing Day is via the clubhouse entrance


Welcome to Sport and Wellbeing Day

If you decide to come by bus the following bus routes will get you to Barnes Bridge Railway Station.

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