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SPARTA Deputy Chair to retire

SPARTA Deputy Chair, Sue Johnson has announced that she is due to retire on 17th December. We will be very sad to see her go.

Sue has been the Deputy Chair for over 7 years now and has devoted an enormous amount of her own time to ensure that the staff of the DLUHC and DfT have a considerable amount of sport, recreation, and wellbeing opportunities available to them all and this through one of the most difficult challenging times that our association has ever faced.

When Sue took over SPARTA was in a perilous condition. Thanks to her commitment and hard work, she leaves the association in a very healthy position.

We thank Sue for all her hard work not just as Deputy Chair but also for the many years previous to that working with the yoga club providing yoga classes to our members and both Departments.

We are currently looking for a replacement. If you are interested in the post, you can download a copy of the job description from our home page.

We wish Sue all the best in her retirement

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