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Update on the President, Sports Day, and the Future of SPARTA Survey

As normal life starts to ‘hopefully’ resume and the summer season gets closer I wanted to give you a quick update on what SPARTA, your Sports and Recreation Association, and the SPARTA clubs have been doing and have on offer over the next few months.

President Role

We are delighted to announce that in this, our 50th anniversary year, both Bernadette Kelly and Jeremy Pocklington have agreed to jointly share the role of SPARTA President through to the end of 2022. We look forward to involving them over the coming 18 months as SPARTA celebrates this special anniversary

The Future of SPARTA

We want SPARTA to remain relevant and buoyant for the next 50 years and beyond and so we have just launched a survey on the future of SPARTA. The survey can be accessed here and takes only 5 minutes to complete: SPARTA SURVEY

We look forward to hearing your views in our survey

Sports and Wellbeing Day

We had hoped to have a special SPARTA 50th anniversary Sports and Wellbeing Day this summer, however, planning and delivering a mass event given the current gradual re-opening is extremely challenging. We have therefore, with the agreement of both Perm Secs, reluctantly decided to postpone the event until 2022.

We assure you that next year’s event, which will be held at Chiswick, will be a special event for all.


Despite the disappointment of cancelling the Sports and Wellbeing Day, we are delighted that many of our SPARTA Clubs and Societies are already holding events.

The SPARTA Golf Society held a very successful first meeting of the year on 22 April at Pine Ridge Golf Club. Their next event is planned for 28 May.

Superstars Cricket Club have held several matches and have a full line up of fixtures planned throughout the summer.

The SPARTA History Society is holding monthly talks. Their next planned talk is on 11 May when Dr Eleanor Janega will give a talk on “The Black Death”. The name alone gives us a reminder of the deadliness of previous pandemics. Following that on 15 June will be a talk on “The Rise and Fall of the Sikh Kingdom” given by Dr Priya Atwal.

The Civil Service Choir is still functioning in virtual mode but is making plans for new ways of operating as the covid restrictions relax further.

These are details of just a few of the SPARTA clubs’ activities. If you are interested in joining a club then follow the links to the clubs on the website menu above.

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